Healthy, Organic LandCare from the Ground Up!

Healthy, organic landcare

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The Organic Garden Coach

Lynn Bement teaches composting, vermiculture and organic gardening

Lynn teaches at The Chicago Botanic Garden, The Chicago Center for Green Technology, and The Morton Arboretum specializing in composting, vermiculture, turf management and edibles with an emphasis on organic gardening methods.

Lynn has broad experience working with schools, supporting in-school programs and can help you create a greener, healthier community.

Healthy, Safe Landscapes without Chemicals
for Public and Private Spaces

Lynn owns a local horticulture business, The Organic Garden Coach, which offers a variety of essential services to promote healthier gardens and landscapes for individuals, business and corporations. Design and installation is also available.

Lynn has been a University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener since 1995 and is a past Board Member of MELA (Midwest Ecological Landscape Association). She earned her horticultural certificate from The Morton Arboretum, completed her Master Composter certification from Michigan State University and is a certified Soil Foodweb advisor.